Our app relies on computer vision technology that we are constantly improving. It does need a little help, so here are some pro tips:

Make sure...

  • You’re in a well-lit room, where the even lighting does not cast harsh or prominent shadows,
  • You’re on a hard surface (not carpet), and that the flooring is not too busy,
  • Your child is wearing non-white socks (this is not strictly necessary, but the App does perform better if you prep this step, and kids’ feet are sometimes pretty sweaty and sticky...),
  • Both the paper and your child’s heel are all-the-way lined up against the wall,
  • The short edge of the paper is lined up against the wall (for US LETTER, this would be the paper edge that is 8.5 inches long),
  • The size of paper you’re using is the same size listed under your Account Settings (for example, if you’re using LETTER make sure that the description matches under Account->Settings->Paper Size),
  • You’re holding your phone as flat as possible (the screen parallel to the ground).
  • You measure multiple times, we’ve made the measurement process super speedy so that it’s a no brained to do it many times in a row.

We’re always looking to improve our computer vision algorithm, so please do send feedback our way: care@speedsmith.co

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