Do make sure that your child’s heel is against the wall.

Don’t pick somewhere with harsh lighting, where there are lots of strong shadows.

Do make sure that the area is well-lit, preferably with natural, flat lighting.

Don’t pick a floor with lots of print or pattern on it.

Do try to hold your phone as flat as possible (parallel to the ground).

Do take multiple measurements each time.

Don’t try to measure on carpet.

Do chat or email us if you’re still having trouble!

Here are some example DON'T photos:
There's too much shadow here, and it would be much better if the skirt was not in the frame:

In this photo, the heel is not against the wall, and there is too much shadow:

In this photo, the paper isn't flush against the back wall. In this case, that centimeter difference could be the difference in two sizes 😬:

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