We ship our shoes in a handy reusable shoe bag that can be useful even after you buy our shoes, unlike shoe boxes that just get tossed or recycled. The shoe bag can be used to hold your kid’s sports shoes before a big game ⚽️, or for your kid’s rock climbing shoes 🧗🏻‍♀️, or for packing for a big trip 🛫, or for a million other things.

Because of our unique delivery model, with which we air ship your shoes directly to you from Asia, we don’t need to rely on the bulk of a traditional shoe box. These boxes are needed by other shoe companies because they stuff all of their shoes into a giant metal container that can sit on an ocean cargo ship for more than a month. Containers can get super hot, so between the temperatures and all the weight, shoes will get damaged unless a box is used. Also, the other guys need shoe boxes to fit with traditional retailers’ stock rooms. We’ve cut out all the cost and hassle of the retailer, so we also don’t need to worry about this.

Please post your creative use of our reusable shoe bag with #SpeedSmith, thanks!

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